Keller Farm Mitigation Bank

Redmond Washington
Juvenile Chinook and Coho Salmon utilizing Keller Farm Mitigation Bank Site (2016)


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Keller Farm Mitigation Bank

Located in Redmond, Washington, the Keller Farm Mitigation Bank is a 75-acre wetland, stream and riparian habitat restoration project, at the confluence of Bear, Evans and Perrigo Creeks. The project received final mitigation bank certification at the end of 2019 and currently has mitigation credits available for use and transfer. The Bank offers mitigation credits to projects with unavoidable aquatic resource impacts within portions of the WRIA-8 service area including the Lake Sammamish and Lake Washington Watersheds (for more information on service area please contact us).
The bank project will restore wetland habitat and function as well as critical fish habitat for ESA listed Chinook Salmon and other anadromous and resident fish species. Project specific restoration goals are to:
• Re-establish wetland hydrology and varying wetland hydroperiods across the site by disabling drainage ditches and creating new stream channel habitat, and creating a mosaic of wetland, upland and riparian habitat types consistent with historical conditions on the site.

• Reconnect Bear Creek to its floodplain and improve floodplain functions on the Bank site including attenuation of flood flows, reductions in peak flood flows, food web and organic material support and transport, and refuge habitat for fish and wildlife during flood events.

• Create interconnected aquatic and terrestrial habitat types that support wetland-dependent organisms and increase habitat structure and diversity on the Bank.

• Re-establish wetland vegetation communities and wetland habitat communities across the site, remove and control noxious and invasive plant species and reintroduce native vegetation to increase habitat complexity in the floodplain wetlands and adjacent upland areas. Plant native trees, shrubs, and herbaceous species to re-establish a mosaic of habitat communities within the Bank property.

• Improve access for aquatic organisms to floodplain wetland and aquatic areas. Enhance and create off-channel rearing and refuge habitat for salmonids within the floodplain streams and backwater wetland areas connected to Bear Creek.

• Re-establish and rehabilitate stream channel habitat in the floodplain through grading and addition of large woody debris (LWD). Create pool habitat and increase channel habitat complexity.

Given its size and the location along important salmon bearing streams supporting a variety of anadromous and resident fish species, this property is the one of the last of its kind in the Puget Sound Region. When the project is certified and restoration has occurred, the Bank will provide aquatic resource credits to projects that have unavoidable aquatic resource, critical area and habitat impacts within the project’s service area. The Keller project will be a valuable resource to many of the urbanized areas of the Puget Sound within the project service area that lack the ability to do meaningful and sustainable mitigation on their own. For more information on the Keller Farm Mitigation Bank Project, please contact us.


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