Natural Resource Mitigation Solutions for Every Project  

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Habitat Bank knows how to provide mitigation solutions that meet the rigorous demands of permit applicants and regulatory agencies in an efficient and cost effective manner. By understanding mitigation demand, the economics of developing mitigation solutions, the limiting factors and regional restoration goals of the areas we work in and having a long term outlook, we have established a unique business niche that can create value for our partners and clients. We do everything from owning and operating mitigation banks to advising pubic entities on how to permit their own mitigation projects.


The Habitat Bank Partnership Option

Cities, Ports, Tribes, Conservation Districts, Private Land Owners and Real Estate Investors can all benefit from a partnership with Habitat Bank. Our strategic approach to partnerships is to identify, develop and generate revenues for our partners that either facilitates additional revenue growth or brings to fruition other options for their land assets. We can “turn-key” a mitigation project and assume all financial and management cost to develop a revenue stream for our partners. Or, assist with design, permitting and construction in return for fees and revenue shares. Often a partner is looking for their own mitigation source to support their primary business activities but become frustrated as they try and deal with permitting and regulatory challenges. We can help our partners lower their mitigation cost and generate additional revenues by increasing the overall mitigation values for a mitigation project.


Mitigation Innovation and the Evolving Ecosystem Marketplace

HBNW established the first privately sponsored wetland mitigation bank in Washington and contributed to the final state mitigation banking rule as our first projects were reviewed and permitted by federal, state and local agencies. Our role in alternative mitigation solutions has grown beyond mitigation banking. As provided in the 2008 USACE/EPA Federal Rule for mitigation, we can also provide guidance and support for In-Lieu Fee Mitigation projects sponsored by public entities such as Cities, Tribes, Conservation Districts and Watershed Coalitions. In addition, we are working closely with multiple agencies to extend wetland banking to support innovative solutions for permitting challenges that include stream, salmon, ESA and other habitat banking options. As new markets develop for other ecosystem services we will continue to position our projects to participate where it is both financially viable and ecologically beneficial.


Past Projects:

Coweeman River Joint Wetland and Conservation Bank
Snohomish Basin Wetland Mitigation Bank
Flett Creek Wetlands Proposal
Clark County site review and Mitigation Bank Proposal
Lake Washington-Sammamish Mitigation Bank proposal
Columbia River Wetland Mitigation Bank
Battle Ground Consolidated Mitigation Project
East Fork Lewis Wetland Mitigation Bank
Ocean Shores Mitigation Bank Project Review