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The proposed Harris Homestead Mitigation Bank (HHMB) is a 394-acre bank project located west of Cheney, Washington and Northwest of the Turnbull National Wildlife Refuge. The project is located in the Columbia Plateau Regional Biodiversity Corridor and includes a variety of interconnected aquatic habitat types that are representative of the unique but disproportionately small aquatic areas found within the channelized scablands of Eastern Washington. Restoration actions on the Bank site will focus on improving the degraded functions and values of existing wetlands, reestablishing and creating additional wetland areas and wetland habitat types across the site through grading, removing historical ditches, culverts and drainages, creating stream channel complexity and connectivity in Hog Canyon Creek, protecting state designated priority habitat types, and improving habitat values for wetland dependent wildlife and native plant species through revegetation. The bank site includes a variety of Washington State priority habitat types including vernal pools, riverine wetlands, shrub-steppe habitat, and aspen stands which will be protected, reestablished, or rehabilitated across the site.

The proposed HHMB is in the process of regulatory review and approval through Washington State’s mitigation banking program. Restoration actions and gains in ecological function will create a sustainable and permanently protected source of mitigation in the form of mitigation credits that can be used for unavoidable environmental resource impacts within the approved service area where economic growth will necessitate improvements in infrastructure, mobility, green energy, industrial land development and housing.

For more in depth details about the Harris Homestead Mitigation Bank view the Prospectus HERE

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